Cosmic Ray Studies at Creighton

Creighton University - Cosmic Ray Studies

Simulation of a cosmic ray air shower over Chicago

Fr. Thomas McShane
Project Head

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Creighton CROP Cooperation

We work together in CROP.

Cooperation with Mt. Michael

Fr. Liebl and the students at Mt. Micheal have participated in the CROP program from its beginning in 2000. The Mt. Micheal array is housed in the attic at Mt. Michael. Students do experiments between taking data runs on incoming cosmic rays.

Students are shown examining a detector, working with an oscilloscope, setting thresholds, and taking data.

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Cooperation with West Douglas County Schools

John Niemoth and the students at Waterloo High School have participated in the CROP program from its beginning in 2000. Waterloo High School is now part of the West Douglas County Schools.

The West Douglas County Schools array is housed on the roof of the former Waterloo High school. Nikki Baker graduated in June of 2005. John brought a new team for 2005-2006 to the 2005 CROP workshop.


John Niemoth is active in several science teachers' organizations. He is an advocate for hands on learning among science students.


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Cooperation with Westside High School

John Rogers and the students at Westside High School have participated in CROP from 2000 when it began.

John uses the detectors as teaching tools and trained students in the use of NIM technology, as well as the DAQ-Card.

Westside will place detectors on the roof this fall.

Creighton's Crop Array

Northwest detector site.

Northeast detector site.

Southwest detector site.

Southeast detector site.


Creighton University approved the use of the roof for detector placement.


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The Cosmic Connection: Cosmic Ray Telescope Project

The Cosmic Connection: Cosmic Ray Telescope ProjectBerkley Lab: The Cosmic Connection Cosmic Ray Telescope Project - Link to site


Presentation at the CROP Summer 2005 Workshop.



Berkley National labs offers the plans and some of the parts for constructing a cosmic ray telescope. Fr. McShane and several of his students built the cosmic ray telescope shown here during the 2004-2005. Students followed the plans to assembly two detector panels with photomultiplier tubes. These assemblies are wrapped in black plastic in the photo and are mounted about four inches apart inside the clear plastic case.

Cosmic Ray Telescope in operation



The students guided the schematic diagram and Fr. McShane also obtained the parts and assembled a coincidence curcuit that displays the coincidences occurring on the LED display inside the case. Two additional panel assemblies were constructed for presentations and various experiments with cosmic rays in the lab and in class.


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Presentation at 2005 Workshop