Creighton CROP Cooperation

We work together in CROP.

Cooperation with Mt. Michael

Fr. Liebl and the students at Mt. Micheal have participated in the CROP program from its beginning in 2000. The Mt. Micheal array is housed in the attic at Mt. Michael. Students do experiments between taking data runs on incoming cosmic rays.

Students are shown examining a detector, working with an oscilloscope, setting thresholds, and taking data.

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Cooperation with West Douglas County Schools

John Niemoth and the students at Waterloo High School have participated in the CROP program from its beginning in 2000. Waterloo High School is now part of the West Douglas County Schools.

The West Douglas County Schools array is housed on the roof of the former Waterloo High school. Nikki Baker graduated in June of 2005. John brought a new team for 2005-2006 to the 2005 CROP workshop.


John Niemoth is active in several science teachers' organizations. He is an advocate for hands on learning among science students.


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Cooperation with Westside High School

John Rogers and the students at Westside High School have participated in CROP from 2000 when it began.

John uses the detectors as teaching tools and trained students in the use of NIM technology, as well as the DAQ-Card.

Westside will place detectors on the roof this fall.

Creighton's Crop Array

Northwest detector site.

Northeast detector site.

Southwest detector site.

Southeast detector site.


Creighton University approved the use of the roof for detector placement.


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