Medical Physics

Creighton University offers an M.S. in Medical Physics.

M.S. in Medical Physics Students Statistics on Admission and Placement.


M.S. Medical Physics Program Statistics

Here are the statistics on Admissions and Placement for students in the M.S. in Medical Physics program at Creighton University.

The program is currently under review for initial accreditation by CAMPEP.

Recent M.S. Medical Physics Program Statistics
Admissions Graduation and Professional Development Initial Placement
Year # of Applicants # of offers # of matriculants # of graduates # passing board exam Residency M.D. or PhD Program Clinc Other
2016 0   3* 2   1     1
2017 5 4 4            
2018 8 7 3            

* Three students initially transferred into the M.S. Medical Physics Program from the M.S. Physics program