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Known errors in first edition:

Figure 1.9: The a3 (prime) unit vector for the primitive lattice for the BCC is incorrectly listed.  It should be a positive y_hat (not negative y_hat) unit vector.

Page 15: Although the intent to compare NaCl and CsCl structures as different because of differing sizes of the ions involved is as I intended, I totally screwed up the sizes of the ions and misspoke on page 15.  The Cs cation is about 167 pm, the Na cation only 97 pm and the Cl anion is around 181 pm (according to a table in the Handbook of Chemistry and Physics).  NaCl prefers the FCC b/c the small Na cation fits well with Cl into this space saving configuration.  By contrast, Cs with size near that of Cl, saves space better by filling the large central void of the SC. 

Exercise 1.8: The density is incorrectly given as that of the liquid bromine (3.12 g/cc) and should be that of the solid (about 4.05 g/cc).  Also the unit vectors are incorrectly labeled with the same index.  They should read a_1 = 4.65 Å, a_2 = 6.72 Å, and a_3 = 8.70 Å.

Exercise 2.5: mistakenly refers to As2Ge3 as a "chalcogenide" which is technically incorrect.

Figure 3.2: caption should read: "The Lennard-Jones potential (solid curve) showing ...".

Page 38: third line under Ionic Bond heading should read "... periodic table (the alkalis), whose ...".

Figure 3.7: caption has "2delta+" which should be "2delta-".

Figure 7.4: vertical scale on the right hand side should be between +0.99 to 1.01.

Figure 10.2: vertical axis should be omega (not omega2) and, similarly, the label "4C1/m" should be under a square root.

Figure 10.8: vertical axis should be omega (not omega2) and, similarly, the labels at points b, c, and d should all be under a square root.

Figure 12.1: the units on the vertical axis should be C/T (mJ/mol K^-2).

Page 298, section 16.2.1, 11 lines down: should read L > \xi, not <

In Chapter 4 the notation regarding the various angular momentum and electron spin vectors is unnecessisarily screwy.  This pdf file shows the intended format.  In the text just above Eq. 4.5 the quantum number for spin should be lower cases and not have a vector over and not have any h-bar.  Eq. 4.5 should read similar to Eq. 4.4 but with the g factor multiplying and an S vector in place of the L vector.  A similar formulation is warranted for Eq. 4.7 with g' factor and J vector.  In the text above Eq. 4.6, the sums should not have the h-bars, but should be sums of the S vectors and L vectors respectively.  In Eq. 4.8, lower case letters should be used throughout.

Less of an error than a slight: On page 28, the experiment on packing of M&Ms is credited solely to David Weitz’s group - but in fact in his Science magazine Perspective he was describing the experiment that was carried out in Peter Chaikin’s group at Princeton, published in the same issue.  Thanks to Prof. Richard Haglund for this clarification.

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