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Physics Department Seminar 12-04-2009

Monte Carlo Simulation Characteristics of Tracer Diffusion for Concentrated Lattice Gases with an Interfacial Energy Step

Trevor Torpin
Department of Physics, Creighton University

Monte Carlo simulations of tracer diffusion for concentrated lattice gas with an interfacial energy step are discussed in system with two planes of lattice sites. The particles do not interact with each other except that double occupancy of a site is not allowed. The time dependence of the mean-squared-displacement is studied as lattice size, the concentration of particles, and temperature differential are varied.

A study on Cuprous oxide/Cuprous Sulphide thin film solar cells
Aruna Wanninayake

Department of Physics, Creighton University

Cuprous oxide is an attractive material for solar cell applications because it is low cost, nontoxic and has direct band gap of 2 eV. The work carried out in this research titled as “Study on Cu2O/CuxS thin films solar cells” was fabricating Cu2O thin film on titanium substrate by electrode position method. The investigations were done by the method of spectral response; SEM and XRD to ensure that the deposited films were ntype semiconductor, surface morphology and physical and chemical structure of the film. Annealing treatment was used to enhance the quality of the films. After that partial sulphidation was done with Scontain chemicals (Sodium sulphide and Ammonium sulphide) using five chemical methods in order to make a ptype CuxS thin layer on the Cu2O film. Using above methods, Ti/ Cu2O/CuxS /gold heterojunction solar cell was fabricated and heat treatment was done for enhance the quality of the device. IV characteristics were obtained in both dark and illuminated conditions and final device was tested in natural day light conditions. The best Cu2O/CuxS cell exhibited an open circuit voltage 310mV and short circuit current density of 990 μA under 100mW/cm2 illumination. The study reveals the potential application of electrodeposited Cu2O thin films in lowcost thin film solar cells.

Solar Activity and the Electrical Grid

Freddy Martinez
Department of Physics, Creighton University


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Date of Event: 
Friday, December 4, 2009 - 12:30
HL G59
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Dr. Patricia Soto

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