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STAR EPICS VM environment is a Virtual Environment with EPICS pre-installed. The intent is for the member of STAR collaboration to start using EPICS in day one for a number of reasons. In particular, it is intended for research students here at Creighton University working for the STAR control. However, since it's there, and it appears that there are demand for something like this, I keep maintaining it, release it for the rest of the EPICS community.

I currently have three different versions of VM available:

32-bit Scientific Linux 5.8
32-bit Scientific Linux 6.6
64-bit Scientific Linux 6.7

Scientific Linux 5.8 based one will likely remain frozen. As I write this, I'm not 100% sure if I will keep both 32-bit and 64-bit version of Scientific Linux 6. I may, I may not. If anything, it is likely that I will freeze 32-bit version and keep 64-bit version as the recommended version.

Currently the EPICS Base is still on 3.14 rather than 3.15. This is so, as we have not moved to 3.15 at STAR experiment, yet. If the demand is very strong, or if STAR control start to use 3.15, then, I may consider.

Please e-mail me at jiro@creighton.edu if you need to have the login/password information, comments, suggestions, requests, hate mail, etc.

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