How to install STAR EPICS 7 VM environment

STAR EPICS 7 VM enironment is initially intended for the internal use for STAR Experiment Control Group, however, since I created it, I decided to share with the wider EPICS community.

It is based upon Scientific Linux 7.4 (64-bit only; I no longer support 32-bit on STAR EPICS VM). It includes the following EPICS tools:

EPICS 7.0.1
Seq 2.2.5
Asyn R4-32
MEDM 3.1.14
EDM 1.12.105B
caQtDM 4.1.5
VDCT 2.7.0
Strip Tool
StreamDevice 2.7.7

For what we need to use for, this may be complete, but if there is a request, I may consider adding more EPICS tools.
Previous versions were distributed as a VirtualBox disk image, but now, I am distributing as an OVA file so that it would be easier to install. For people who wishes to use the STAR EPICS VM with VMware environment, please refer here. However, I am not a VMware user, so I make no guarantee if this procedure works with VMware.

Anyway, here is the download link for STAR EPICS7 VM. For the exisitng users, the login/password information for this version is exactly the same as the previous versions.
For the new users, please send me an e-mail asking me for the login/password information at:

Any feature request, comments, etc, please send an e-mail at:

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