A Simple EPICS IOC with an Arduino

1. Download and install the Arduino sketch from here.
The sketch has been tested with an Arduino Nano so far. It is designed to turn on/off the built-in LED with serial commands.

2. It has only two commands:

onoff1 will turn on the LED, and onoff0 will turn off the LED.

3. Make the Device Support similar to the previous exercise.
Since you are sending the command out, and since there are only two states, I suggests to use Binary Out EPICS record instead of String or Analog records. It should be out, as it is sending a command to do things.
That also means you probably should not be using GPIBREAD; GPIBWRITE would be a reasonable choice. Try to understand this tutorial is a key to success.

4. If you are *REALLY* stuck, check here.

Upon completion, you should create an MEDM (or EDM, BOY, caQtDM etc) screen that you can control the LED and demonstrate that you can indeed have an IOC that can read and write value via devGpib support.