EPICS Example Exercise

** NOTE: We (STAR experiment) primarily use MEDM. The same obviously can be done with other display managers such as EDM, caQtDM, and CSS. If you are using display managers other than MEDM, please substitute the works "MEDM" to whichever the display manager of your choice.

Assuming you have done the Quick Start, consider the following:

1. Make an MEDM screen with a meter to show a PV used in the example IOC from Quick Start. this video and this page may be useful, if you don't know much about MEDM.

2. Change the scan rate to 0.1 second. You should be able to do this all within the database.

3. Make the PV to count up from 0 to 99, instead of 0 to 9. Again, you should be able to do this in the database.

4. Using the MEDM screen from 1. above, make a reset button such that when you press a button on the MEDM screen, it would reset the PV to "0".

5. Change the PV name; if you are using the STAR EPICS VM, the PV names are something like "sysuserHost:aiExample" or "sysuser:aiExample2". Change all the PV names on the example IOC that says "syuser" (or "sysuserHost") to something else.