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Laser-Cooled Atoms Group

Laser-Cooled Atoms Group

Creighton University

2014 January Lab Picture

This is the research group page of the Laser-Cooled Atoms Group at Creighton University led by Dr. Jonathan Wrubel. Our group is building an experiment to probe quantum physics in Bose-Einstein condensate of 41K (potassium-41).  This facinating state of matter is made by using lasers to cool gas atoms down to temperature below a millionth of a degree above absolute zero.  This novel state allows us to study quantum magnetism.


January 2015: The ECDL is locked to the saturated absorption system.

January 2014: The external cavity diode laser has its first light!  Nathan Holman (M.S. candidate) is getting it tuned to the correct wavelength.

Current group members

Dr. Jonathan P. Wrubel (principal investigator)

W. Andy Peterson (M.S. candidate - 2017) - optical molasses

Caitlyn Ward (class of 2018) - magnetic field stabilization

Alex Tarter (class of 2017) - resonant RF field

Past group members

Sruti Prathivadhi-Bhayankaram (class of 2017) - michelson interferometer

Shouvik Bhattacharya (M.S. candidate - 2016) - external field cancellation system

Nathan Holman (M.S. candidate - 2015) - saturated absorption locking system

Lucas Slattery (class of 2015) - source module

Ben Schmachtenberger (class of 2015) - laser cavity construction

Colin Bertsch (class of 2016) - vacuum equipment testing

Steffen Lake (class of 2016) - laser cavity construction

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