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Translational Biomedical Physics Research Group - Dr Ekpenyong


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Translational Biomedical Physics Research Group (TBP)

Almost all the vital signs are biophysical properties: blood pressure, pulse rate, body temperature, etc. We develop and use novel biophysical tools to discover new biomarkers that provide diagnostic information and new therapeutic options. We address the physician’s wish list in order to improve disease diagnosis, patient monitoring, drug development and testing, etc. While these efforts seek to improve biomedicine using principles and tools of physics, we also aim at advancing the physics of complex systems such as living matter. In particular, we seek to understand how biological cells function as mechanical units, with material properties.

TBP at a glance

Some of our discoveries and contributions:

  • Lineage-specificity of viscoelastic  properties of stem cells following differentiation
  • Function-specificity of mechanical properties of progenitor cells following differentiation
  • Actin polymerization as key immune effector that controls bacterial infection
  • Optical properties of blood stem cells are lineage-specific
  • Bacterial infection of cells induces decrease in refractive index

Examples of recent and current efforts:

  • Role of the cytoskeleton (actin) during  bacterial infection
  • Neutrophil priming and depriming in ARDS, ALI, COPD, Sepsis
  • Cancer Metastasis: effects of chemotherapy (for leukostasis in leukaemia)
  • Cancer Metastasis: effects of radiotherapy
  • Vaso-occlusive events in sickle cell disease
  • Cell deformability for Malaria prognosis
  • Microgravity has immunomodulatory effects on cells


Dr Ekpenyong's Teaching at Creighton


Phy 212 (Gen Physics)

Project Phy 214, Phy 212 LM


Phy 202, Phy 206 Lab Inst
Phy 202, Phy 581 Nuclear Instruments and Methods
Phy 202, Gen Phys Lab Coordinator

Phy 202
Phy 531 Quantum Mechanics, Phy 581 Advanced Lab
Phy 202, Phy 353 Intro Biological Physics

Phy 662 Radiation Dosimetry/Protection, Phy 202 Gen Phys


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