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Undergraduate Scholarships

Undergraduate Scholarship Award Winners
Year Michael Anderson Award ($2000)
Awarded to the student entering Modern Physics who had the best performance in General Physics, following in the spirit of Major Michael Anderson
The Alumni Award ($1000)
Awarded to the senior physics major with the best performance on the Modern Physics section of the Graduate Comprehensive Exam
Schrodinger Cat Award ($3000)
From 2001-2008 was awarded to a junior or senior level female physics major actively engaged in research with a cumulative GPA of at least 3.25. Note that this award is not longer active.
2016-2017 Carolyn Taylor    
2015-2016 Danielle Desa Danielle Desa  
2014-2015 Ryan Gnabasik Ryan Gnabasik  
2013-2014 Nathan Horst Nathan Horst  
2012-2013 Kristina Ward Saad Malik  
2011-2012 Samantha Showalter    
2010-2011 Samantha Showalter    
2009-2010 Allison Showalter    
2008-2009 Timothy Smith Timothy Smith and Joseph Brewer  
2007-2008 Timothy Smith Nicholas Busch Jennie Burns
2006-2007 Timothy Smith Brandon Rodenburg Meg Marquardt
2005-2006 Colleen Hartsig Colleen Hartsig Meg Marquardt
2004-2005 Colleen Hartsig    
2003-2004   Nicholas Hatcher Ann Kemper
2002-2003     Kakie McGill
2001-2002     Megan Schreiner
Sarah Stapleton
2000-2001     Sarah Stapleton

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